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Two Experienced Companies—One Amazing Outcome

Hotels run on people and data. But as labor costs increase at record rates and distribution complexity makes revenue generation difficult and expensive, thoughtful, ongoing data analysis to make the right decisions every day is a requirement for success. Fortunately, there are two innovative companies that provide solutions to thousands of hotels to solve these challenges: ProfitSword and Hotel Effectiveness®. They’ve collaborated for years by connecting their two powerful hotel systems—business intelligence + labor management—to deliver maximum performance and profitability for clients.

The Challenge: Putting Data To Use From Multiple Systems

The operating and financial data needed to make smart decisions comes from many systems— but hotels simply can’t link these sources effectively by themselves. Meanwhile, hotel operators know that the best schedules and labor plans should be built using well-defined staffing rules combined with operating forecasts but very few have access to the right data or any tools to make this happen. ProfitSword’s analytics tool connected with the Hotel Effectiveness® labor management system eliminates the complexity and empowers hotel managers to take full advantage of the power of their own data.

The Solution: Dynamic Duo Creates Efficiency and Cost Savings

Their impressive integration takes over where the human brain stops working—to analyze and present crucial data in an easy-to-understand format for simplified performance forecasting and automated staff scheduling. This robust combination saves hotels 5%–15% in labor costs while reducing the time needed to create schedules, dramatically boosting profit margins, guest satisfaction and overall operating efficiency. And because the two systems were expertly designed to work together, implementing this dual solution is easy for hotels.

Here’s how it works: ProfitSword’s system gathers complex operating data from PMS, POS, accounting and catering systems, then translates it onto straightforward dashboards and reports. From there, the Hotel Effectiveness® labor management system grabs the relevant operational forecast data to build labor plans and staffing models, which are used to create scheduling templates for each hotel department. Actual labor costs and related data, like hours worked and productivity metrics, are fed back into ProfitSword for even more complete reporting.

The integration saves time and effort by enabling hotel owners and operators to schedule labor based on hotels’ actual staffing needs, ensuring that payroll and contractor expenses are perfectly aligned with operating requirements, eliminating waste. And it goes even further, prompting hotels to adjust labor plans and schedules daily, as the forecast and staff changes. Plus, connecting the two company’s tools eliminates manual data entry, removing human errors and giving hotels confidence in data accuracy while empowering precise decisions.

“Davidson adopted multiple industry standard business intelligence tools in 2018 to help us more effectively manage our business,” says Barry Wabler, EVP & CFO for Davidson Hotels & Resorts. “Principally, the integration of ProfitSword and Hotel Effectiveness distinctly aligns two important applications to match dynamic scheduling with changing demand needs. We are looking forward to ongoing progress with our partners to achieve systems optimization and labor management differentiation in our hotels.”

This powerful integration delivers both insights and actions. You get the best of the ProfitSword and Hotel EffectivenessⓇ systems, amplifying their tremendous stand-alone value. Think of it as the digital one-two combination punch to drive revenue, efficiently manage data, control labor costs and grow your business.

Powerful Partners

For nearly 20 years, ProfitSword has been providing award-winning business intelligence solutions. As an industry leader, it prides itself on developing advanced software suites combined with high-level financial management to help companies grow their empires. Specializing in automated data collection and integration, data analytics, operational functionality and real-time reporting, ProfitSword boasts 50,000 users in more than 3,000 business units worldwide.

Hotel Effectiveness is the only complete labor management system designed exclusively for hotels and hotel management companies. Hotel Effectiveness helps more than 3,000 hotels across more than 70 hotel brands achieve rapid return on investment through matching employee schedules with customer demand. From economy hotels to large convention hotels and luxury resorts, the solution is a fit for all types of properties. To learn more about Hotel Effectiveness, visit

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