Business Intelligence for Today's Hotelier

ProfitSword provides business intelligence software for hotels, management companies, and ownership groups to enable fast, data-driven decision-making while eliminating manual work.

Our Partners

For Enterprise & Groups

Automate data gathering process and consolidate your view into portfolio performance in real time to increase visibility and efficiency.

For Your Property

Decrease manual data entry and analysis by connecting all systems from across the property in one platform.

ProfitSword was able to give us what would have taken much longer and cost much more to do on our own. We now have consistent reports for all hotels and identical rollups irrespective of brand.

Sean Clancey

Director, Digital & IT Strategy, Buffalo Lodging

ProfitSword is truly a game changer! Their tools allow us to develop fully informed decisions at a moment’s notice to maximize top and bottom line performance.

Leticia Proctor

SVP Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management, Donohoe Hospitality Services

“Hersha was an early adopter of ProfitSword. We have been pleased with the customized database that ProfitSword built to help us analyze and impact property performance on a real time basis.”

Naveen P. Kakarla

President and CEO, Hersha Hospitality Management

After we had implemented ProfitSword, we were able to react to business changes on a daily basis rather than monthly, allowing us to positively impact current month results.

Jim O’Hara

CFO, PM Hotel Group


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