Hotel Forecasting & Budgeting Software
Hotel Forecasting & Budgeting Software

Forecasting & Budgeting Software


ProfitSword Forecasting & Budgeting software provides the ability to create consistent, standard tools and processes for planning. Compare forecasts for any time period, actuals, and past actuals, and automatically actualize revenues and other line items from all your systems while reducing manual entry and human error.

Gain visibility into data from other systems, including accounting, labor, sales, revenue management, and more, in one location to ensure accuracy. Allow teams to collaborate, share, and track changes and provide in-line comments for more context and increased accountability.

Forecasting & Budgeting pulls data points across your systems, allowing teams to complete multiple budgets by data set, drill down into records, and provide visibility across departments.

Performance Drivers

Create connections between data points to make relationships, analyze and report on their impacts and efficiently plan.


Unlimited Data Sets

Ensure you see the whole picture by integrating all systems, connecting to over 200 integrations, and pulling data into your forecasts and budgets to gain visibility and increase accuracy.

Operating Expenses

Budget Tracking

Manage cash accounts across departments in real-time to accurately track your operating expenses and increase accountability with teams.

ProfitSword Business Intelligence Software has been relied on by 115+ hospitality partners and 4,000+ hotels worldwide for over 20 years. Contact us to learn more.

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