Sales Productivity Platform

Follow the money…and the productivity

The ProfitPace application contains a unique set of reports that chronicles and tracks each sales managers’ production throughout the course of a single month and year-to-date, providing comparisons to their goals. Team goals and roll-up reports for multiple locations are also available. Whether your organization sells hotel rooms, cars, groceries, or simple widgets, the Sales Manager Productivity report provides the most accurate data for your revenue pace reporting. In addition, the report also tracks the activities of each sales person, including outside sales calls, prospecting calls, site visits, and more. Additionally, the application provides drill-down capabilities to view the detail behind the data. Let the ProfitPace solution do your daily and monthly sales productivity tracking for you – accurately and precisely!

Sales Productivity Platform Reporting

Drill-down of Sales Manager Bookings

Drill-down of Sales Manager Prospecting Calls Activity

Sales Productivity Platform Activity Report

In today’s highly competitive environment, those that have the most accurate, real-time data reign supreme. Moreover, sales and revenue data is, by far, the most important to any organization. ProfitPace tracks your sales productivity daily and helps to provide your leadership team with the top-line information essential to the operation. Contact us now to discover why thousands of hotels and businesses rely on ProfitPace. After all, it’s only money!

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