ProfitWizard combines business intelligence, decision support, performance management and ad-hoc reporting with easy-to-use Microsoft tools including Excel and Analysis Services data cubes.

ProfitWizard allows users to create an unlimited number of Excel-based reports, models and graphs to solve mission critical business issues and enhance performance analysis.

  • Create custom dashboards for your portfolio for real-time analysis
  • Create what-if scenarios for modeling business changes for a single hotel or the entire portfolio
  • Analyze statistical information across brands and service styles
  • Provide comprehensive labor and performance analysis to improve productivity standards
  • Compare guest service scores and profitability across the portfolio in order to create “best practices” for your company
  • Save your reports and update the data with the click of a button!


ProfitSage combines data from multiple sources into a single data warehouse. ProfitWizard then uses Microsoft Analysis Services to create multi-dimensional data cubes from data within the ProfitSage database. Users can then create an unlimited number of ad-hoc reports and dash boards using Microsoft Excel. Within Excel, users can manipulate the data, add formulas, graphs and formatting to create reports on the fly. Those reports can be saved and updated with fresh data from the cubes at any time.

The ProfitSage database aggregates data from a number of sources, including the property management, point of sale, accounting, sales,  and timekeeping systems, as well as Smith Travel data, guest service scores, spa, golf, etc.  ProfitWizard provides seamless access to that data, arming your company with the most powerful and robust reporting tool available in the hospitality industry.

ProfitWizard utilizes the Microsoft technology “stack” allowing customers to use broader and deeper data warehouse and reporting functionality without incurring additional licensing expense. SQL is the platform used for the ProfitSage business intelligence database. The Analysis Services data cubes are the foundation of ProfitWizard and Excel is the front-end interface for reporting, modeling, and graphing.

Customers can also create additional Analysis Services cubes from almost any data source and combine that data with the ProfitWizard cubes.