ProfitSage for hospitality was specifically designed to aid in the daily, weekly, and monthly operation of a hotel or group of hotels, providing operational tools for Forecasting, Budgeting, Accounts Payable, and the Daily Income Journal.

Providing over 3,000 hotels worldwide with comprehensive functionality and hundreds of reports, ProfitSage has become the most widely used operational intelligence application in the hospitality industry. ProfitSage is a multi-platform web-based application accessible from PC’s and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

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ProfitPlan for Hospitality is an online, comprehensive business and marketing plan designed to accompany your annual budget.

Fully integrated with ProfitSage, (or as a stand‑alone module), ProfitPlan adopts a two‑pronged approached to determine your business and marketing plan for the coming year. Within the market overview, a hotel can explore both the macro and micro-markets surrounding that hotel and its competitive set. The hotel can then outline its goals, plans, and actions within the marketing strategies section, including marketing expenses, tradeshow, travel and entertainment schedules, and the top targeted accounts for potential business.

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In today’s competitive environment, sales data reigns king as the single most important asset of any company. Knowing the effectiveness of your sales force and whether or not they are on track to achieve individual and company goals is essential.

ProfitPace provides users with in-depth analysis of booking pace and detailed information for each booking and each sales associate. Reports are provided via the internet so your data is available to you from anywhere in the world!

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ProfitWizard combines business intelligence, decision support, performance management and ad-hoc reporting with easy-to-use Microsoft tools including Excel and Analysis Services data cubes.

ProfitWizard allows users to create an unlimited number of Excel-based reports, models and graphs to solve mission critical business issues and enhance performance analysis.

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