Sales Pacing & Productivity Reports
Enterprise Sales Pacing & Productivity Reports

Sales Pacing & Productivity Reports


ProfitSword Sales Pacing & Productivity reports brings all your sales activity together in one consolidated view to standardize data and make performance and productivity reporting easier for staff and leaders.

Compare historical and real-time data to identify trends, accurately forecast, and understand team pace to goal. Enable sales contributors to quickly report on their activities and performance to goal so they spend more time with customers.

Sales Pacing & Productivity reporting provides one place to view data from a variety of sales systems and drill down into transaction-level details to see booking names, dates, revenue, and more.

Sales Data


Further, analyze your sales data by drilling-down into transaction level details of individuals to have a better view of performance across salespeople

Historical Trends Report

Historical Trends

With connected data systems you can view past sales team performance data in one place to increase sales forecast accuracy.

Market Segmentation Report

Market Segmentation

Create, Identify and report on various custom segments to better understand who your customers and prospects are by the salesperson.

ProfitSword Business Intelligence Software has been relied on by 115+ hospitality partners and 4,000+ hotels worldwide for over 20 years. Contact us to learn more.

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