Benchmark your success and achievements with ProfitPace revenue pacing software

In today’s competitive environment, sales data reigns king as the single most important asset of any company. Knowing the effectiveness of your sales force and whether they are on track to achieve individual and company goals is essential. Using revenue pacing software, compare your sales pace to previous years, forecast, and budget to see the trends in your sales team’s productivity!

Key features of ProfitPace include:

  • ProfitPace revenue pacing software provides revenue pacing information for businesses regardless of their brand affiliation, size, service style, or data source.
  • ProfitPace mines vital data from disparate systems to provide mission critical, real-time reporting.
  • Revenue pacing software can determine the sales pace of each revenue stream or market segment.
  • Users can view property/business unit specific pace reports, drilling down to see the detail behind the numbers.
  • Corporate users can view pace reports for groupings of properties/business units (including a company-wide pace report) and drill down to see individual property results.
  • Enter commentary to explain changes in business trends.
  • ProfitPace can track detailed information by sales manager for comparison to goals and incentive plans.
  • Reports are exportable to Excel, .CSV, PDF and Word for easy use in external reporting.