Plan your success one goal at a time with ProfitPlan business plan software

ProfitPlan is an online, comprehensive business and marketing plan designed to accompany your annual budget. It provides pre-formatted, stylized pages to highlight your current market conditions and outline your plans and actions to achieve your financial goals for the following year. ProfitPlan provides business owners and partners visibility and connects them to their business, improving communication and strengthening relationships.

Fully integrated with ProfitSage, (or as a stand‑alone module), ProfitPlan adopts a two‑pronged approached to determine your business and marketing plan for the coming year. Within the market overview, a business can explore both the macro and micro-markets surrounding that business unit and its competitors. The operation can then outline its goals, plans, and actions within the marketing strategies section, including marketing expenses, tradeshow, travel and entertainment schedules, and the top targeted accounts for potential new business.

ProfitPlan contains more than 30 specific areas for critique and strategic planning as it pertains to your annual budget and business plan. Some of these items include:

  • Market overview and SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Economic and demand outlook, including top employers, top industries, and top market feeders
  • Analysis of your competitors
  • Growth tactics by market segment/revenue stream
  • Citywide activities and special events throughout the year that may affect business trends
  • Select from hundreds of established business plan pages in the ProfitSword library that closely align with your business plan model
  • ProfitSword can customize any page to your specifications
  • Create a living, breathing business and marketing plan that tells the story about your business and can be updated throughout the year with results
  • Outline your goals and actions to accomplish your objectives and meet your financial targets
  • Custom plans allow for individual business units to use only the pages/sections that pertain to them
  • Use similar templates to create weekly or monthly reports detailing your periodic achievements

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