The success of any endeavor or long-term relationship depends on deep-seated trust and communication between the parties involved. That is why, at ProfitSword, we do not refer to our clients as “clients” or “customers” – they are our “partners,” and our partners are truly the driving force behind our success as a solutions provider. From our sales associates who listen carefully to our partners to determine their challenges, needs, and goals, to our implementation teams, who work tirelessly to ensure that every facet of the project is completed, to our support teams, who communicate with our partners almost daily to ensure ongoing success, ProfitSword associates are dedicated to exceeding our partners’ expectations. In the technology world, there will always be unforeseen challenges and ProfitSword is committed to working through these hurdles side-by-side with our partners. Feel free to contact any of our clients to find out how ProfitSword and our solutions have positively impacted their organizations!

ProfitSword Advisory Council (PAC)

To solidify the bond between ProfitSword and our partners, each partner is encouraged to participate in our Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC allows our partners to participate in the direction of our software development teams, giving suggestions for software enhancements and functionality changes. We ask the PAC to provide ProfitSword with a prioritized list of requested enhancements and ProfitSword provides feedback on the viability of each enhancement, as well as, a potential timeline for completion. ProfitSword meets with the PAC quarterly to provide updates on the development and testing of the enhancements. The continual input from our partners is a key element to keeping the solutions in step with changes in the business environment.

“Working with ProfitSword has improved our ability to use and analyze our data by providing a platform that works on multiple levels throughout our organization. We get real-time access to the data with the ability to slice and dice it the way we need to see, making our reporting a lot quicker than just using spreadsheets.”

Martin Hanson, President, Schulte Hospitality Group – Boutique + Lifestyle Division

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