ProfitSage can paint the picture for you

ProfitSage is a robust operational and reporting solution designed to assist your business with daily data collection, accounting functions such as the Income Journal, and operational functions like budgeting and forecasting. In addition, there are hundreds of reports available to users to help them become more effective and efficient stewards of your financial health!

Key features of ProfitSage include:

  • Fully automated Daily Income Journal
  • Track your cash and credit card activity
  • Daily tax liability reports for revenue streams
  • Create your annual budget (line-by-line) for your entire operation Learn More...
    • Ability to create multiple versions for “what-if” scenarios
  • Create forecasts for the upcoming weeks/months Learn More...
    • Ability to create multiple versions for “what-if” scenarios
    • Checkbook feature helps your front-line achieve financial goals
  • Input AP invoices to keep your checkbook up to date and electronically push to your GL system in order to cut checks
  • Run financial reports, year-over-year growth reports, daily revenue reports, daily labor analysis reports, cash handling reports, and many more!
  • Create dashboards on the fly to visualize your data on the go!

Budgeting and Forecasting

ProfitSword provides a built-in module in the web based ProfitSage application to allow authorized users access to a forecast or budget of their entire financial statement.

  • Centralized Platform – The forecasting and budgeting module of the ProfitSage business plan software provides real time access to a business’s historical revenue and future booking trends on one common cloud-based platform.
  • Collaboration – Everyone from operations, sales, accounting, or finance can collaborate in real time using ProfitSword’s applications.
  • Standardized Tool – ProfitSage budgeting and forecasting removes the reliance on corruptible spreadsheets or workbooks. ProfitSword’s applications standardize the tools and formats.
  • Daily or Monthly – Budgeting and forecasting can be done daily or monthly. Itemizing the Plan – Users may need to itemize or schedule in more detail a line item within the forecast or budget.
  • Forecast/ Budget Versioning – ProfitSage allows the end user to create multiple versions of a forecast or budget and set them aside for further analysis or comparisons.
  • Add Commentary – Users can add explanations or justification for budgeting/forecasting methodology.

Daily Income/Revenue Journals

  • Business plan software automatically pulls all necessary data from revenue systems, such as point of sale, property management, etc, and maps the data to your GL, creating the daily revenue journal entry
  • Electronically post the daily revenue journal to your GL system daily, weekly or monthly
  • Automatically creates a daily revenue report, month-to-date and year-to-date totals
  • Reports available to track taxes, cash and credit card transactions

Other benefits of ProfitSage business plan software:

Live Economic Recovery Data Tailored for Hospitality.