ProfitSword Hotel Business Plan Software
ProfitSword Business Plan Software for Hotels

Business Plan Software


ProfitSword Business Plan software makes strategizing simple for busy teams with a customized plan for the individual needs of the hotel.

Standardize plan creation and management and increase efficiency as changes are made automatically through live connections to all of your systems allowing your team to focus on the strategy instead of data entry. Unify your team under one shared vision of success and compare year over year data across the property for a better picture of strengths and opportunities.

Business Plan pulls data from your whole system into a single platform and creates an easy-to-read and manage document to standardize strategic planning and goal setting across teams.

Custom Template & Branding

Custom Branding

Use pre-built templates or add property or brand logos and styling for a consistent look and easy exporting to decrease the time it takes to create your business plan.

Team Productivity Software

Competitor Profiles

Add profiles for each of your competitors to compare strategies and identify opportunities or threats that the business plan will address.

Business Plan Progress Tracking Software

Plan Progress Tracker

Monitor the creation of your hotel’s business plan from start to finish with an easy to use tracker so you can follow the progress of your team’s contribution.

ProfitSword Business Intelligence Software has been relied on by 115+ hospitality partners and 4,000+ hotels worldwide for over 20 years. Contact us to learn more.

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