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In the 21st Century, data has become the new currency in business.  Earnings are merely the by-product of using your data and information in order to maximize your profit.  Companies that take advantage of business intelligence tools can far exceed the profitability and growth of those companies that do not. Those companies using the ProfitSword platform, for example, can more efficiently and expediently manage their data collection and analyzation to improve performance.

The ProfitSword suite of hospitality software applications integrates data from disparate systems within the operating environment of a hotel portfolio, including:
  • Accounting/GL systems
  • Property Management systems (PMS)
  • Point of Sale systems (POS)
  • Labor Management/Time & Attendance systems
  • Sales/CRM solutions
  • Spa
  • Golf
  • Retail
  • Parking
  • And more…

ProfitSword can also integrate data from market comparison vendors like Smith Travel (STR Reports) as well as data from E-Procurement systems.  ProfitSword’s hospitality software applications then use the data from these systems for reporting, data visualization (dash boards), forecasting/budgeting, automating the income journal, revenue pace reporting, sales productivity reporting, business planning and much more.


For 20 years, ProfitSword has provided hotel companies with leading-edge hospitality software solutions to efficiently and effectively manage the collection, collation, organization, and reporting of data both at the enterprise level (entire portfolio) as well as the individual property level. More than 100 hotel companies with more than 3,500 hotels use ProfitSword solutions to provide real-time information to their hotel operators, company leaders, and ownership groups.

The benefits of using these industry-leading solutions include:
  • Automated data collection to reduce manual and inaccurate data production
  • Real-time data for real-time reporting and decision making
  • Improvements in performance, accountability, communication, and profitability across all disciplines due to more efficient decision making and accurate information.
  • Accurate forecasting and budgeting using historical and “on the books” trends
  • One common platform the integrates disparate data management tools and provides visibility into the transaction level details “behind” the numbers
  • Standardized revenue and occupancy pace reporting to help sales and operations managers effectively optimize revenue and improve profitability.
What some of our hotel management partners say about ProfitSword:
  • “ProfitSage provides a real time database designed specifically for our hotel portfolio to analyze each property on an individual, chain scale and portfolio level.   This database is highly prized by owners and managers as it provides unparalleled analytical tools that are used to dissect each property’s performance on a day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year basis.”

    – Walter Isenberg, President & CEO, Sage Hospitality Resources

  • “ProfitSage Business Intelligence has changed the way we do business at Crescent.  Our entire organization has become more efficient, more pro-active, and more profitable thanks to the tools provided within the ProfitSage application.  The seamless integration with other technologies and the real-time reporting feature have given Crescent an edge in both operations and asset management.  The return on our investment has far exceeded our expectations!”

    - Michael George, President & CEO, Crescent Hotels & Resorts

  • “Hersha Hospitality Management was an early adopter of ProfitSword.  We have been pleased with the customized database that ProfitSword built to help us analyze and impact property performance on a real time basis.”

    - Naveen P. Kakarla, President and CEO, Hersha Hospitality Management

  • “PMHS is fortunate to possess the preeminent financial/performance database for the lodging industry.  In the recent down economy, the ProfitSage application by ProfitSword has proven to be the tool that gives us real-time visibility into property performance and cash analysis.  Not only do we have our portfolio statistics sent to our asset management personnel by 8:00 am each day incorporating RPI trending, we also have our reservation modules synced with our system so we can keep abreast of EBITDA changes as they occur.  ProfitSage performs for our special needs with agility and precision.”

    - Greg Miller, co-CEO, PM Hotel Group

“Two companies can be equal in every way, but if one company has better technology, the other one can’t possibly keep up!”

Jack Mitchell, Author of Hug Your Customer and Founder of Mitchell-Richards Clothiers,
New York, NY
Take advantage of business intelligence tools that can exceed your profitability and growth.