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Mobile Dashboard & Data Visualization Software

Dashboards & Data Visualization Software


ProfitSword Dashboard software creates an automated process for users to visualize and be notified of changes in data across the system.

Data visualization includes a variety of chart styles and formats for individuals to see what is important to them in a way that resonates. Chart any data point across the system and even stream other related website information to the dashboard. No more waiting for reports to track changes, instead users can set up custom alerts to receive a mobile or email notification with accurate and up-to-date information.

Mobile Reporting Notifications

Pulse Notifications

Create notifications of relevant changes by email or mobile device to be alerted when data makes any changes that are important to the user.

Attach Messages to Data

Prescriptive Insights

Attach messages to data changes to indicate actions to be taken as a result of the update to create a feedback loop for users.

Insights on Desktop

Mobile & Web Access

Engage with insights in your preferred format either on the web at your desk or mobile application to take your data on the go.

ProfitSword Business Intelligence Software has been relied on by 115+ hospitality partners and 4,000+ hotels worldwide for over 20 years. Contact us to learn more.

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