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ProfitSage has brought the power of web-based business intelligence to the hospitality industry. The applications collect detailed financial and operational data from each property within a portfolio and correlates the data for individual property reports and company roll-up reports. Executives have real time data to facilitate better short and long-term decision making.





ProfitSword’s philosophy is simple – each of our clients is unique and each client is a valued partner in our business. Feel free to contact any of our clients to find out how ProfitSword and the ProfitSage application have positively impacted their organizations!



Equally important to providing the best quality software product is ProfitSword’s commitment to providing the highest quality support to its customers. The idea of treating customers as partners is an integral quality that defines ProfitSword and is the reason for its continued success.



“ProfitSage Business Intelligence has changed the way we do business at Crescent.  Our entire organization has become more efficient, more pro-active, and more profitable thanks to the tools provided within the ProfitSage application.  The seamless integration with other technologies and the real-time reporting feature have given Crescent an edge in both operations and asset management.  The return on our investment has far exceeded our expectations!”

— Michael George, President and CEO, Crescent Hotels & Resorts

“ProfitSage provides a real time database designed specifically for our hotel portfolio to analyze each property on an individual, chain scale and portfolio level.  This database is highly prized by owners and managers as it provides unparalleled analytical tools that are used to dissect each property’s performance on a day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year basis.”

— Walter Isenberg, Sage Hospitality President & CEO

“PMHS is fortunate to possess the preeminent financial/performance database for the lodging industry.   In the recent down economy, the ProfitSage application by ProfitSword has proven to be the tool that gives us real-time visibility into property performance and cash analysis.  Not only do we have our portfolio statistics sent to our asset management personnel by 8:00am each day incorporating RPI trending, we also have our reservation modules synced with our system so we can keep abreast of EBITDA changes as they occur.   ProfitSage performs for our special needs with agility and precision.”

— Greg Miller, President of PMHS

“Hersha Hospitality Management was an early adopter of ProfitSword.  We have been pleased with the customized database that ProfitSword built to help us analyze and impact property performance on a real time basis.”

— Naveen Kakarla, President and CEO

“We’ve always believed investing in the right technology will give us an edge not only against our competition at the hotel level, but against other management companies as we compete for assets and financing. Every hotel company focuses on providing a bed and service. However, providing your associates with the best tools to make decisions is often overlooked. Now our managers are spending less time in the office and they have more time to spend with our guests and associates to provide a true experience when staying at a Larkspur property.”

— Karl Hoagland, Chairman and CEO of Larkspur

“ProfitSage plays an integral part in the overall management reporting and analysis of our hotel properties; the business intelligence provided by ProfitSage has improved the efficiency of our staff many times over.  Not only can we evaluate ongoing operations with real-time data, having past operating performance information so readily available has made the budgeting process for our hotels both more accurate and streamlined.  Our entire organization would be lost without this invaluable tool.”

— Greg Hoard, VP Finance and Administrative Services for InnSight

“I strongly believe that the right technology will help us to continue our long term plans for growth and I believe ProfitSword is the right company to grow with. As a small, wholly owned company, it is important that we have the appropriate tools in place that can aid our managers in providing the best profit margins possible and still give them time to service our guests. As an owner, I want to make sure I am getting the very best product at a reasonable price. ProfitSage fits the bill.”

— Rajendra Patel, President, Chief Operating Officer for Premier Hotels

“ProfitSage has proven to be very user friendly and provides a wealth of information which can then be analyzed in a number of different ways. It has provided Hostmark Hospitality with a much more dynamic forecasting and budgeting tool, improving overall forecasting and budgeting accuracy. The web-based ProfitSage application has allowed us to automate many of our reporting functions and has reduced the amount of time spent on preparing reports – essentially eliminating human input errors. ProfitSage integrates with all of the other technology in place at our hotels – PMS, POS, time and attendance, back-office accounting, and sales systems – to provide users with real-time data, improving decision making and creating multiple efficiencies.”

— William Gingrich, Vice President & CFO, Hostmark Hospitality

“ProfitSage has revolutionized the way we prepare and analyze budgets.  Having the option to compare years of data with a touch of a button makes information junkies, like me, rejoice.  If you need more information you can simply drill down to find the exact expense in previous years to see if the cost is valid for the upcoming budget.  All of this without leaving your desk or seat at the airport.”

— Patrick Hale, Vice President Hotel Operations, RHW Hotels