Hotel Automated Income Journal Software
ProfitSword Automated Income Journal Software

Automated Income Journal Software


ProfitSword allows financial teams to do more with less by connecting all of your systems to get a consolidated view of financial performance and eliminate hours of work.

With ProfitSword, your teams can:

  • complete revenue reporting across departments more accurately and efficiently,
  • filter views to find important information,
  • complete credit card and tax-exempt reconciliations,
  • have a better understanding of the current cash status
  • easily recall if corrections need to be made.

Automated Income Journal takes your imported data and creates an accurate, normalized daily view of financial information that enables automatic posting to accounting systems and improves team communication.

ProfitSword Daily Reporting Software for Hotels

Daily Reporting

Print-ready, exportable standardized reports to track and share financial performance across over 200 integrations with various systems.

Operating Expenses

Cash Management

Give your teams their own cash accounts to keep track of and report on expenses and daily income across departments.

Transaction & Budgeting Software Commentary

In-line Comments

Improve accountability across teams by allowing for additional explanations for overages or shortages on all transactions and budgets.

ProfitSword Business Intelligence Software has been relied on by 115+ hospitality partners and 4,000+ hotels worldwide for over 20 years. Contact us to learn more.

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